Content Creation

MERFOLK MEDIA believes in the power of MEDIA. Social Media alone has swayed elections, altered economies, and caused real world problems and solutions.  Media inspires, educates, reframes, and unites. Using this intentionally  and tactfully  is key to changing the world for good. 

Media is changing at an alarming rate. Audience engagement trends are straying from text and photo, and leaning more toward short videos and audio. As a result, companies are altering consumer expirience and catering to this rapid movement. Change can be one of the hardest thing to deal with, but here at MM we are here to help you adapt, teach you to create, and guide you through this.

Merfolk Media was created out of love and passion for the art of Mer-ing! Both divers, we (Sura and Andy) saw a need for accessible underwater videopraghy in Southern California. Informed by our dive training, we started by filming eachother, practicing and honing our craft. Eventually, we  moved on to other forms of media, all the while creating the same magic that brought us to the culture in the first place!

Here at Merfolk Media, there is nothing we love more than a story. Stories, to us, are limitless possibilites and are as diverse as our clients. Stories are made of memories, woven together by wishes, and powered by desires. When MM tells a story, we try to capture true essense, with a little added fish scales of course.